About Lovett Pet Sitting

Lovett Pet Sitting is a Five Star rated Pet Sitting Service in the Los Angeles area. Our Team is composed of experienced, loving, and kind pet sitters, trained to care for your animals in every way. We have worked with dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, horses, and everything in between! Our services are completely customizable to either take your dog on a walk during the day in the comfort of your neighborhood, stop by for a potty break if you work many hours, pet feedings, litter changes, and of course always plenty of playtime. Since we come to you, we are able to accommodate the most complex of schedules, ensuring your pet is in the most comfortable environment.

Lily Witzer

Lily Lovett

Owner & Animal Lover

Hi! I’m Lily Lovett, the owner of Lovett Pet Sitting. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved animals. In fact, since I didn’t have any dogs of my own at the time, I would go door to door around my neighborhood, offering dog walks. Growing up in Los Angeles, I would take care of homes, dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, fish, horses, and animals of all kinds. After working in the corporate industry for years,  I decided to start my own Pet Sitting business. I’ve always loved to help people, and I thought what better way than to care for people’s homes and animals while they were on vacation? I started 5 years ago with my first client, and today I’m a happy business owner with hundreds of satisfied pet owners!   

Sarah Coleman

Animal Whisperer

I absolutely adore all animals, they are a gift in this life! I’ve always been around animals since I was a child, from rabbits to dogs. When I was in 4th grade I remember begging my parents for a pet when I finally got one, it changed my life! I have plenty of experience and have built trust with my neighbors taking care of their cats and walking their dogs. It’s the greatest feeling getting a shy animal to open up to you and I really have a knack for that! I’m a full time petsitter, available many hours of the day.  I am patient, passionate, careful, and very loving and look forward to spending time with your pets!

Amber Hoffs

Amber Hoffs

Unconditional Pet Lover

Growing up in LA, I owned a wide variety of different pets from a duck, a rabbit, a toad, a turtle, a frog, and a dog, to all different types of fish.  Plus anything else I could bring home to my parents!  I realized just how much I loved animals, and I quickly became the go-to pet sitter for my family, friends, and coworkers. I became the “pet sitter” of the block.  I’m looking forward to meeting and becoming best friends with your pet. They are sure to get extra special attention and love when I stop by for a visit!